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Rachel Whiteread
Ann Gallagher, Molly Donovan

Category: Art & Media: Art, Photography & Fashion
ISBN: 3-79135735-2 EAN: 978-3-79135735-5 Format: HB Pages: 237 Publisher: Delmonico Year: 2018 Quantity in Stock: 279
Cover price: £38.72 Sale Price: £14.95

Accompanying a major retrospective at Tate Britain, this book explores a range of themes in Rachel Whiteread's remarkable practice, from childhood memory to the horrors of the Holocaust. Rachel Whiteread is known for her psychologically charged works that use negative space to conjure feelings of isolation, domesticity, alienation, and personal and public history. This book showcases all of Whiteread's major works over the past thirty years, from her early Ghost--in which she virtually turned a small London flat inside out--to her recent Cabin--a similarly constructed concrete cabin on New York City's Governor's Island. Essays explore a range of themes in Whiteread's practice, from the personal to the public. Beautifully designed and filled with full-color illustrations of the artist's works, this is a comprehensive overview of an artist who has single-handedly expanded the boundaries of contemporary sculpture. Published in association with Tate

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