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Iran's Constitutional Revolution of 1906 and the Narratives of the Enlightenment
Pejman Abdolmohammadi, Ali Ansari

Category: Humanities: History
ISBN: 1-909942-91-X EAN: 978-1-909942-91-2 Format: Hardback Pages: 336 Publisher: University of Chicago Press Year: 2016 Quantity in Stock: 148
Cover price: £65 Sale Price: £7.99

The Constitutional Revolution of 1906 opened the way for enormous change in Persia, heralding the modern era and creating a model for later political and cultural movements in the region. Broad in its scope, this multidisciplinary volume brings together essays from leading scholars in Iranian Studies to explore the significance of this revolution, its origins, and the people who made it happen. As the authors show, this period was one of unprecedented debate within Iran s burgeoning press. Many different groups fought to shape the course of the Revolution, which opened up seemingly boundless possibilities for the country s future and affected nearly every segment of its society. Exploring themes such as the role of women, the use of photography, and the uniqueness of the Revolution as an Iranian experience, the authors tell a story of immense transition, as the old order of the Shah subsided and was replaced by new institutions, new forms of expression, and a new social and political order. "

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