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1001 Little Beauty Miracles
Esme Floyd

Category: Leisure: Health & Beauty
ISBN: 1-84732-952-7 EAN: 978-1-84732-952-3 Format: Paperback Pages: 224 Publisher: Carlton Books Limited Year: 2012 Quantity in Stock: 36
Cover price: £9.99 Sale Price: £3.99

These head-to-toe tips will help readers make small changes to their beauty regimes that reap big benefits, both in the way they look and how they feel With direct remedies for beauty problems as well as advice on everything from getting perfectly groomed nails to battling cellulite, this book offers short, simple ways to improve and maintain one's natural good looks. It includes helpful hints for such beauty quagmires as tweezing brows, disguising blemishes, and making thin hair look luxuriously thick, revealing the trade secrets of makeup artists, therapists, and professional salons. Even ungroomed, nail-biting exercise-phobes will find something helpful in these corner-cutting ideas, and will be sure to dip into the book when they find themselves in a beauty crisis, from repairing a broken nail to rejuvenating lackluster skin.

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