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The Worlds Most Difficult Quiz 2
Pat Cullen

Category: Leisure: Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN: 1-84631-837-8 EAN: 978-1-84631-837-5 Format: Paperback Pages: 325 Publisher: Liverpool University Press Year: 2012 Quantity in Stock: 231
Cover price: £9.99 Sale Price: £2.99

Following from the best-selling book "The World's Most Difficult Quiz" comes this sequel which collects the most taxing questions from early King William's College General Knowledge papers published in The Guardian over many years. Once again, the book includes a new and devilishly difficult set of questions prepared especially by quizmaster Pat Cullen who has set the King William's College General Knowledge Papers since 1997. A challenge for the most erudite of minds, "The Worlds Most Difficult Quiz 2" is the ultimate general knowledge challenge.

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