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Cold Caller
Jason Starr

Category: Fiction: Crime Fiction
ISBN: 1-84344-511-5 EAN: 978-1-84344-511-1 Format: Paperback Pages: 256 Publisher: No Exit Press Year: 2014 Quantity in Stock: 51
Cover price: £9.99 Sale Price: £3.99

If Jim Thompson had gotten an MBA, he might have written Cold Caller, a ravingly readable story of a downwardly mobile yuppie who'll just kill to get ahead. Once a rising VP at a topflight ad agency, Bill Moss now works as a 'cold caller' at a telemarketing firm in the Times Square area. He's got a bad case of the urban blues, and when a pink slip rather than promotion comes through, Bill snaps... Now he's got a dead supervisor on his hands and problems no career counsellor can help him with.

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