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Living Death
Graham Masterton

Category: Fiction: Crime Fiction
ISBN: 1-78408-143-4 EAN: 978-1-78408-143-0 Format: Paperback Pages: 439 Publisher: Head of Zeus Year: 2017 Quantity in Stock: 91
Cover price: £7.99 Sale Price: £3.99

The girl who teetered out of the doorway was exactly who they were looking for... DS Katie Maguire and her team are stretched to their limit. A gang of dognappers is terrorising Cork. The city's drug trade is at an all time high. Now they have a missing girl to find too – and all in the glare of the media spotlight. As Katie closes in on the truth, she realises that the three cases might be connected. But with every second she spends investigating, the clock ticks on for the missing girl, trapped in a living death...

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