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50 Ways to Save the Honey Bees
J. Scott Donahue

Category: Sciences: Natural History
ISBN: 1-60433-648-X EAN: 978-1-60433-648-1 Format: Paperback Pages: 159 Publisher: Cider Mill Press Year: 2016 Quantity in Stock: 22
Cover price: £8.99 Sale Price: £3.99

Fifty fun & buzz-worthy ways to "bee" a local hero! Did you know that honey bees pollinate a third of the food we eat, but that a third of them are dying off each year? You have the power to keep them buzzing for years to come, and it couldn't bee easier! Enhance your own life with steps as simple as gardening the right crops, or shopping local! Make a difference in your community, and the world, with these creative and inspiring ideas, such as: *Making your own beeswax lip balm *Planting the right flowers, fruits, and vegetables every season *Keeping your own beehive *Building the right buzz on social media *Creating a "bee bath" for bee-friendly lounging *Letting those weeds grow Help your favorite pollinator with 50 Ways to Save the Honey Bees!

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