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The Bloomsbury Handbook to Studying Christians
George D. Chryssides, Stephen E. Gregg

Category: Humanities: Religion
ISBN: 1-35004338-9 EAN: 978-1-35004338-1 Format: Hardback Pages: 338 Publisher: Bloomsbury Year: 2020 Quantity in Stock: 11
Cover price: £160 Sale Price: £19.99

"Grounded in the discipline of Religious Studies, this handbook offers an alternative to historical, theological and institutionally-centered research on Christianity. Drawing on a range of methodologies, this handbook shifts attention from normative textual and doctrinal matters to issues of materiality and everyday life. Themes covered include sacred space and objects, cyber-Christianity, food, prayer, education, family life, fundamentalism and sexuality. In addition, issues of gender, race and ethnicity are treated throughout. The book highlights the current state of academic study in the field and explores areas in which future research might develop. Clearly and accessibly organised to help users quickly locate key information and analysis, the book includes an A to Z of key terms, extensive guides to further resources, a comprehensive bibliography and a timeline of major developments in the field, making it a unique resource to upper-level students and researchers"--

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