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The Coffin Club
Jacqueline Sutherland

Category: Fiction: Crime Fiction
ISBN: 0-86154-336-X EAN: 978-0-86154-336-6 Format: paperback Publisher: Point Blank Year: 2023 Quantity in Stock: 127
Cover price: £9.99 Sale Price: £3.99

'A twisty, chilling look at the lengths one woman will go to get what she wants.' Observer, Thriller of the Month 'Original, unsettling and full of secrets.' Sarah Clarke, author of A Mother Never Lies 'The Coffin Club's tale of death, deceit and desire is deliciously compelling.' Sabrina Broadbent, author of You Don't Have to be Good Some people would kill for a second chance. Kat is rebuilding her life. After losing her husband in a tragic accident, moving to the countryside is her chance to start again. Encouraged by her new and only friend Ginny, Kat joins New Horizons, dubbed the Coffin Club by its members. And that's how she meets Nico. Instantly drawn to each other, Nico seems like Kat's perfect match. He is kind, caring, handsome and, most importantly, a father to five-year-old Magdalena. This could be Kat's shot at the one thing she has always wanted: to be a mother. BUT SOMETIMES BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR...

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