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Em Strang

Category: Fiction: Crime Fiction
ISBN: 0-86154-300-9 EAN: 978-0-86154-300-7 Format: hardback Publisher: Oneworld Year: 2023 Quantity in Stock: 10
Cover price: £14.99 Sale Price: £6.99

A piercingly original debut about the limits of forgiveness, from an award-winning poet From an award-winning Scottish poet, an unforgettable novel about memory and radical forgiveness Quinn is serving a life sentence for a crime he's convinced he hasn't committed. Surely the authorities have got it wrong, and when they find his childhood sweetheart, Andrea, his name will be cleared. His parole is drawing near when he receives an unexpected letter from Andrea's mother, who invites Quinn to share her home. It soon becomes apparent that what appears to be a genuine act of forgiveness is influenced by more complex motivations. As they navigate the thorny terrain of guilt, justice and mutual need that underpins their relationship, the story of Quinn's past is gradually revealed, setting in motion a final reckoning. Em Strang's first novel is a hypnotic rendering of an unravelling mind and a visceral story about the very limits of forgiveness.

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