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Free Your Mind!
Simon Matthews

Category: Art & Media: Stage & Screen
ISBN: 0-85730-535-2 EAN: 978-0-85730-535-0 Format: Paperback Pages: 287 Publisher: Oldcastle Year: 2023 Quantity in Stock: 130
Cover price: £18.99 Sale Price: £4.99

Between 1967 and 1970 Italian auteur Giovanni "Tinto" Brass directed four feature films in London, each starring a woman as the main character. Exploring the political, cultural and sexual ideas of their time, often in a deliberate pop-art style, they contain much priceless footage of now forgotten neighborhoods, galleries, clubs and events as well as an abundance of contemporary music. A fascinating blend of social history, pop culture, cinema, music and TV, Free Your Mind! examines the films, their stars and how they were made. Based on interviews with many of the surviving participants, Matthews argues that at this stage of his career, before Caligula, Brass was as significant a figure in cinema as Antonioni, Godard and many other better-known directors.

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