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Sherlock's Sisters
Nick Rennison

Category: Fiction: Crime Fiction
ISBN: 0-85730-398-8 EAN: 978-0-85730-398-1 Format: PB Pages: 319 Publisher: no exit Year: 2020 Quantity in Stock: 207
Cover price: £9.99 Sale Price: £3.99

Sherlock Holmes was the most famous detective to stride through the pages of late Victorian and Edwardian fiction, but he was not the only one. He had plenty of rivals. Some of the most memorable of these were women: they were "Sherlock's Sisters." This exciting, unusual anthology gathers together 15 stories written by women or featuring female detectives. They include Dorcas Dene, Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, Hagar the Gypsy, Judith Lee and Madelyn Mack. Editor Nick Rennison has already compiled several highly entertaining collections of stories from what he considers a golden age of crime fiction, including The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, More Rivals of Sherlock Holmes and Supernatural Sherlocks. His latest anthology turns the spotlight on the women detectives who could more than match their male counterparts.

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