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The Science of Hate
Matthew Williams

Category: Sciences: Sociology & Psychology
ISBN: 0-571-35707-5 EAN: 978-0-571-35707-9 Format: Paperback Pages: 437 Publisher: Faber Year: 2022 Quantity in Stock: 25
Cover price: £9.99 Sale Price: £3.99

Why do people hate? A world-leading criminologist explores the tipping point between prejudice and hate crime, analysing human behaviour across the globe and throughout history in this vital book. 'A key text for how we live now.' DAVID BADDIEL 'This is a world-changing book.' ALICE ROBERTS 'Timely and superb.' RACHEL CLARKE 'Persuasive and compassionate.' ROBIN INCE 'Fascinating and moving.' PRAGYA AGARWAL Are our brains wired to hate? Is social media to blame for an increase in hateful abuse? With hate on the rise, what can we do to turn the tide? Drawing on twenty years of pioneering research - as well as his own experience as a hate-crime victim - world-renowned criminologist Matthew Williams explores one of the pressing issues of our age. Surveying human behaviour across the globe and reaching back through time, from our tribal ancestors in prehistory to artificial intelligence in the twenty-first century, The Science of Hate is a groundbreaking and surprising examination of the elusive 'tipping point' between prejudice and hate.

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