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The Personals
Brian O'Connell

Category: Humour: General
ISBN: 0-00-832134-5 EAN: 978-0-00-832134-5 Format: Hardcover Pages: 277 Publisher: Harper Collins Year: 2019 Quantity in Stock: 85
Cover price: £12.99 Sale Price: £4.99

Some people do Sudoku, others watch Netflix. Brian reads the classified ads, both online and what remains in print. This book shows how classified ads can help unlock a door into Irish society, both past and present, and allow unique access into the lives of ordinary people with sometimes extraordinary stories. Why is a woman in Bantry selling high-tech eavesdropping equipment? What kind of person pays for a prayer to be published in a newspaper? Did someone really sell a pet monkey in the Evening Echo? These classified ads are not just a few commercial lines of text in print or online publications - they are a treasure trove of stories, of human experience, of nostalgia, of love, loss, loneliness, isolation and redemption.

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